Shadows of Hyrule: Total War is the working title of the third of four expansions of Hyrule: Total War, focusing on events within the Realm of Twilight. There is some content from Twilight Princess but it's largely never before seen creatures, factions, locations, and an original enemy not in other Zelda games. It will be worked on after Termina: Total War is finished.


Shadows of Hyrule: Total War will be set in the Realm of Twilight. The events of the game stretch from before the outbreak of the Twili civil war to long after the events of Hyrule: Total War and Great Sea: Total War. Impa and Rauru find their way into the Realm of Twilight. There they attempt to establish a new Church with the hope of ridding the world of Majora's influence.


Shadows of Hyrule: Total War will feature eight playable factions:

Known StorylineEdit

  • Midna is still the narrator, whilst the bulk of the story will be told from the point of view of Yorinu.
  • Majora is not the main villain and has lost interest in the Twili.
  • The main antagonist is non-canon and will be a playable faction.
  • The Parella are not a playable faction, but do feature in the pre-war missions.

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