The Shrine of Jabu is a unique building located in Domain Prime, the sanctum of the Zora deity and Sapphire sage Jabu-Jabu.

Description Edit

Built by the ancestors of the Zora whom worshiped the deity Jabu-Jabu, the Shrine of Jabu is a minor yet still appreciated relic of their culture.

History Edit

The Gerudo Wars Edit

After the Twili and River Zora attack on Domain Prime, Veran infiltrates the Shrine and kills Jabun in retribution for the death of her husband.

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

The underwater Shrine of Jabu is corrupted by the Parella and River Zora into an altar of Bellum and site of their profane breeding experiments after the destruction of Domain Prime. It is discovered in such as state by Zora and hybrid refugees fleeing Airu, led by Zaleen, who drive off the servants of Bellum and purify the shrine once more.

Abilities Edit

  • Provides 15% Public Health Bonus
  • Provides 5% Public Order Bonus (Law)

Gameplay Edit

The Shrine of Jabu appears as a building in the Zora Dominion capital of Domain Prime in the Freeform Campaign.

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