The Silent Guardian Army with Solahrasin

The Silent Guards are the ground forces of Solahrasin's Silent Army.

Characteristics Edit

Silent guards are humanoid entities that appear as miniature versions of Solahrasin. The are armed with a large flanged mace, a copy of their creator's personal weapon.

History Edit

Dawn of Hyrule Edit

These beings once served to destroy disorderly bodies and ensuring all functions in harmony. During the Cleansing they waged war on the forces of the Druthulidi and rival First Sages. Following Sulkaris' fall from grace, they accompanied Solahrasin into the Silent Realm to await a time in which they would again be needed.

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

After the death of Malkorbagia in 126 AG, Solahrasin reactivates his army to intercept Sulkaris at Death Mountain, but his forces come into conflict with the forces of the other First Sages as well as the Gohma.

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