Akkala Siroc Oocca
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Queen of the Kingdom of Hyrule and Wind Tribe, Mediator


Wind Tribe (formerly)




Gustaf (husband)
Link (descendant)


pre-3000 BG



Unique Dominion Rod

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Ooccoo's appearance as Siroc, Queen of the Wind Tribe.

Ooccoo, real name Siroc, is the first Queen of Hyrule and ruler of the Wind Tribe prior to their migration to the heavens. As an Oocca, she holds the rank of Mediator, a high-ranking position second only to Demoko himself.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Prior to becoming an Oocca, Siroc was a female member of the Wind Tribe, with pale skin, red hair, and luminescent white eyes with no pupils.

As an Oocca, she resembles a Commandant, with a statuesque face boasting thin features and glowing purple eyes. She has notable featherlike markings along her brow and neck.

Without her artificial body, she resembles a brown chicken, complete with bird legs and wings.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Siroc, as Demoko's second-in-command, possesses a unique Dominion Rod capable of levitating and hurtling objects as well as generating a protective shield around herself.


Ancient AgeEdit

Siroc was the Queen of the Wind Tribe during the formation of the Kingdom of Hyrule. She married King Gustaf of Hyrule and together they had several children.

In 2992 BG, the Druthulidi Vaati and the Darknut Zalunbar started an invasion of Holodrum in order to steal the Triforce from the Wind Tribe.

With invading armies slaughtering her people Siroc went to Gustaf to ask for aid, so that the Tribe could escape to the sky, which Gustaf agrees to. She led the Hylians to the Tarm Ruins, the last bastion of the Wind Tribe. With the help of the Hylians, the Darknuts were defeated, and with her people saved Siroc bid Gustaf farewell as she departs for the sky. On the City in the Sky, the Wind Tribe found the First Sage of Time Demoko and pledged themselves to his service, being transformed into the Oocca after a few centuries. Upon becoming an Oocca Siroc abandoned her real name in favour of 'Ooccoo' and became Demoko's most trusted servant, even over his chosen successor, Liyer.

King Gustaf did not remarry after Siroc's departure. When Hylia usurped Gustaf's throne, she proceeded to hunt down all of Gustaf and Siroc's children, forcing them to go into hiding. For three millennia Siroc thinks that all of her children have been killed by the hands of Hylia. The Order of the Wizzrobe would then proceed to erase most knowledge about Siroc, and no Hylian record from later ages mentions her as their first Queen, or the children she had with Gustaf.


Mediator Ooccoo

First Golden AgeEdit

After the rise of Ganon, which nearly saw the holy Triforce falling into the hands of the Moblin King, Rauru convinces Ooccoo that Hyrule Castle is too dangerous and that it should be returned to the Sacred Realm as it was in ancient times. Claiming that keeping the Triforce locked away from the world would lead to a decline, Rauru proposes to create a portal that could be opened to the Sacred Realm in times of need and suggests converting the Temple of Time into such a door. Ooccoo agrees and works with Rauru in secret to transform the Temple of Time into a portal to the Sacred Realm. Once completed, they create the Temple of Light inside the Sacred Realm and bring the Triforce to rest there.

Gerudo WarsEdit

In 101 AG, after the fall of Hyrule Castle Town to the invading Gerudo, Ooccoo is called by Rauru again, who asks her to send the Oocca to help the Kingdom of Hyrule against the Gerudo. Ooccoo refuses, telling Rauru that since the invaders can't breach the Temple of Time, the war is of no concern to the Oocca, and that the Hylians will reap the consequences of bringing the war onto themselves. After having his request to see Demoko declined, Rauru begs Ooccoo again that the Oocca can so easily help save the Hylians, but she only angrily asks him if his people are really worthy of being saved, before reminding him to keep following her commands.

The Return of SulkarisEdit

In 128 AG, before the Gohma assault on Greshou, Demoko and Ooccoo converse and speculate as to the cause of his loss of power, before affirming that a higher power is responsible.

After the First Sage of Water Malkorbagia is murdered by the traitor Sulkaris and her Gohma, Ooccoo and her forces land on Hyrule with an army of Oocca hellbent on stopping Sulkaris on her tracks. After the City in the Sky's Aura superweapon fails to kill Sulkaris, Demoko orders her to continue searching for the Fallen Sage.

At Death Mountain, Ooccoo discovers Sulkaris and the Gohma fighting against the Gorons, the incumbent Sages, as well as the First Sages Solahrasin, Evaleen, Kovaloo and their minions. She asks Demoko for permission to halt the Aura, concerned that it might kill the other Sages too, but Demoko refuses her request. After the Aura fires, seemingly killing Sulkaris, Demoko orders a perimeter of bases to be established around Death Mountain, again disregarding Ooccoo's advice that the people of Hyrule will not tolerate the Oocca presence.

Ooccoo End

When the Oocca Mustering Base is attacked by Hyrule's combined forces, she leads the Oocca in defending the Sky Portal there. She and her forces are largely overwhelmed as the powerless Sages ally with the Gohma to decimate the Oocca Base. Coming face to face with Impa and Ruto in her chamber, her guards are killed, and Link incapacitates her with a bomb, leading to her capture by the Hylians.

Ooccoo is bewildered and angered by how the people of Hyrule have allied themselves with the Gohma scourge against the Oocca, in the process granting the Gohma access to the Aura. Liyer explains to her about how she tried and failed to dissuade them from allying with the Gohma and calls her out on how she and Demoko were too arrogant to grant audience to the mortals, while Rauru reveals to Link her true identity as Siroc, whom Link recognises as the lover of King Gustaf, his ancestor. Learning that her bloodline has survived for the millennia, Ooccoo decides to allow Link to speak to Demoko in private.


Ooccoo, naked.

When the Gohma ascend to the City of the Sky, she listens to Sulkaris' speech, then witnesses and is visibly disturbed by Agitha's transformation into Sulkaris. With her rampaging in the city, she converses with Demoko, Link and Liyer about their chances of victory. She is surprised by Link's suggestion to destroy the Aura, as it is the source of all of the Ooccas' power, but is convinced by Demoko's agreement. As she and Link run in the perimeter ring of the City, she converses to Link about the Aura, describing its various names and functions. Together, they arrive in the heart of the Aura, where Ooccoo takes off her artificial body to reveal chicken-like features, something Link finds very amusing. She uses her wings to fly towards the Aura, knocking it on the floor, where Link pierces it with his sword.

Quotes Edit

  • "Do not give your foe so much credit. Even those amongst the clouds are at fault."