Hylian Rebels


Peak Province





Silver Rupees (1)

Snowpeak is rebel Hylian settlement located on Peak Province overlooking Vigjaro Valley, and houses the Snowpeak Ruins.


Snowpeak was constructed as a mansion before the founding of the Kingdom of Hyrule. When it was later acquired by King Gustaf it served as an military base and secondary throne should Hyrule Castle fall to enemies. In modern times Snowpeak was abandoned because of its relatively remote and strategically unimportant location. It has served as a base for many rebel groups, refugees, and even Yooks over the last few decades.


Snowpeak is a very small settlement relatively speaking, and it's a paradise for archer and siege defenders. With plenty of ramparts archers can continued to defend the plaza after the gates have fallen. The large ledge to the east allows artillery to lob fire into the courtyard even after defenses have been breached. For invaders, Snowpeak can only be invaded from the south or southeast, both paths funnel to the front walls and gate. Scaling the walls and clearing out all the ramparts is an invader's best bet, as breaking through the gate directly into the plaza will leave your troops open to archer and artillery attacks from all sides.


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