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Zola Spear, later Bellum Spear

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Sokuuf was a Princess of the River Zora, later a Queen in Bellum's Empire, and a servant to Jelyf.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Sokuuf is a female Zola with the graceful form of other Zola females and their Zora relatives. She has teal scales that darken along her scalp and back, and boasts blood red fins on the top and side of her head as well as scarlet rimming around her black eyes. Sokuuf has noticeably sharper, needlelike teeth than a Zora.


Gerudo WarsEdit

When Jelyf makes preperations to leave the Realm of Twilight and re-enter Hyrule, she sends signals in the sky to alert the River Zora that she would soon be arriving. Sokuuf sees these signs and made preparations by gathering an army and by getting a mole within the Zora Dominion.
Sokuuf por

Princess Sokuuf

Sokuuf greets Jelyf and her Twili allies after they exit the Mirror of Twilight on the bank of the Zora River. Jelyf explains to her the plan: General Onox would carry a large vat of poison on his back and pour it at the source of Zora's river, in order to reduce resistance to their future invasions. Jelyf is pleased with Sokuuf's preparations and the two then swim off to the River Zora army. Jelyf recalls how the Zora Dominion, once Bellum's favourites, were spoiled, haughty and self-righteous, before revealing her true plan: she only wants Onox to become a big distraction so the River Zora could plant Sols all over the Zora's Domain and detonate them to defeat the traitors to their dark god.

Events come to pass exactly according to Jelyf's plans: when the Twili and the Zora are busy fighting each other, Onox is killed by Princess Ruto under the Domain on the way to the source of the river. At this point, the River Zora abandon their Twili allies and detonate the Sols, demolishing Domain Prime.

The Great SeaEdit

With her successful takeover of the River Zora and unity of their various nations complete, Queen Sokuuf has set out to awaken Bellum from its slumber in hopes of earning its eternal favor. Sokuuf's remarkable intelligence and uncanny ability to deceive and manipulate makes her feared by even her Parella masters.

Hero Ability Edit


River Zora - Manipulate: Allied unit will no longer flee and fight to the death, though you'll lose control of them until the effects of the ability dissipate.

Bodyguard Edit

Manhunters (River Zora)

River Zora Platoon (Empire of Bellum)

Preceded by:
King Zarosef (as King of the Zola)
Queen of the Zola
Succeeded by:

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