Soldiers of Agahnim are three special Sheikah Cadre units only available through Agahnim's unique hero ability.

Description Edit

During times of dire need the Sheikah wizard Agahnim alone has the ability to raise an army for the Cadre at will. Brainwashing all manner of Hylians with his Eye of Truth, these soldiers of Agahnim take orders without question yet fight with the intelligence and ingenuity of any free thinking man.


Soldiers of Agahnim cannot be recruited and can only be summoned through Agahnim's hero ability.


Name Description
No Upkeep No upkeep requirement
Sheikah Shield Resistant to arrow fire
No Fear Cannot lose morale and retreat

Trivia Edit

  • The differently-colored variants of Soldiers of Agahnim are a reference to the types of enemy Knights of Hyrule fought in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
  • Soldiers of Agahnim were intended to be the units of a cut Agahnim NPC faction.