The South Tokay Village is the southern settlement and capital of the Tokay. It is located on the southern half of Crescent Island, which lies south of Labrynna and is accessible via a land bridge from Yoll.


The larger of two unamed villages on Crescent Island, this loose collection of huts houses most of the Tokay population. It's a centre for trade and the Tokay's main export of fish.


The Southern Tokay Village can be attacked from the west and east. It's a very easy settlement to take over since siege weapons have a clear line of sight to almost every area of the village.

Creator's NotesEdit

Like the Subrosians there's not much existing material as far as Tokay settlements go, just a pair of huts on a beach. I stuck with those hut designs and kept the settlement pretty simple since the Tokay themselves are not all that bright. Overall I wanted the village to feel really primitive and not very noteworthy.