The Goron's Ruby represented by their faction emblem.

Spiritual Stones are religious artifacts of Goddess and Deity Worshipers, each one corresponding to one of the three Golden Goddesses. These objects appear as colored gemstones, and each one serves as the faction symbol of their corresponding race in Hyrule: Total War.

Goron's Ruby Edit

This spiritual stone is a large ruby inset in a silver Goron Sigil. Its location is likely the Ruby Palace in Gor Goronon. The Goron Brotherhood has an entire military order, the Ruby Guard, dedicated to protecting this sacred artifact with their lives.

Zora's Sapphire Edit


Rutela presents her son a Zora's Sapphire.


A Kokiri's Emerald represented by their faction symbol.

A Zora's Sapphire is a symbol of marriage within Zora culture, composed of three sapphires inset in a golden mark of Nayru. The three stones represent the three types of love need for a successful relationship to work- mutual friendship, a strong family bond, and sexual attraction. Zora's Sapphires are traditionally given to the eldest daughter of a Zora family.

Kokiri's Emerald Edit

Kokiri's Emerald is a large emerald inset into a bronze Kokiri symbol.

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