The Spy is a type of agent in Hyrule: Total War's Freeform Campaign, tasked with revealing information about foreign armies, agents, settlements, and the map in general.


A spy costs 500 rupees and requires a Bar in a settlement.


Spies have a very large area of sight in their area and provide more detailed info about units and generals of other factions in their line of sight.

Spies can also infiltrate foreign armies and settlements. An infiltration mission can end in three outcomes:

  • The spy successfully infiltrates the army/settlement.
  • The spy fails to infiltrate and has to flee.
  • The spy is captured and killed.

Infiltrating an army does nothing (compared to simply standing next to it); however, infiltrating a settlement, in addition to providing information, also gradually lowers public order in that settlement; and when you lay siege to a settlement with one of your spies inside it, he might be able to open the gates for you.

The main stat of spies is Subterfuge. Spies with more subterfuge are more likely to succeed, and more able to cause discontent in settlements. Spies can gain subterfuge by successfully infiltrating armies and settlements. The success chance of a spy's mission depends on his Subterfuge stat, the foreign governor/general's security stat, and the number of soldiers in the foreign army/garrison - more soldiers mean less chance to succeed.


Faction Name Image Traits
Kingdom of Hyrule Scout Hylianspy Wilderness Dweller (+1 Movement)

Observational (+1 Line of Sight)

Gerudo Dancer Dancer Seductive (+1 Subterfuge)

Charming (+1 Charm)

Zora Dominion Infiltrator Infiltratoragent Flexible (+1 Subterfuge)

Observational (+1 Line of Sight)

Kokiri Explorer Explorer Wilderness Dweller (+1 Movement)

Small but Deadly (+1 Movement, +1 Personal Security)

Gohma Gohma Mite Mite Diminutive (-3 Movement, +3 Subterfuge)

Observational (+1 Line of Sight)

Moblins Miniblin Sneakster Sneaky Diminutive (-3 Movement, +3 Subterfuge)

Combat Proficiency (+2 Personal Security)

Lizalfos Night Skink Nskink Wilderness Dweller (+1 Movement)

Excellent Cloak (+2 Subterfuge)

Sheikah Cadre Spy Masterspy Master of Stealth (+3 Subterfuge)

Total Awareness (+2 Line of Sight)

Labrynna Regime Pathfinder Pathfind Homeland Affinity (+3 Movement in territory owned by parent faction)

Armed and Ready (+2 Personal Security)

Fairies of Tarm Rascal Rascal Wilderness Dweller (+1 Movement)

Rapscallion (+3 Personal Security)

Order of the Wizzrobe Cloaker Cloaker Perfect Cloak (+3 Subterfuge)

Observational (+1 Line of Sight)