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Subrosia is the capital of the Subrosians. It is located under the Samasa Desert south of Xolin.


The center of the mysterious Subrosian nation, this city rests deep under the land of Holodrum. Because of their xenophobic nature very few outsiders have ever seen Subrosia, and even less know the history of this settlement.


Subrosia can be attacked from all sides, the most easy path being from the east. If attacking from the north, west, or south then armies will have to funnel across several bridges to make their way to the plaza; locations that can be easily exploited by defending bombers and siege units.

Creator's NotesEdit

There is not much existing Subrosian architecture in Oracle of Ages other then some rock huts set alongside streams of lava and magma. I wanted something more than that to imply that Subrosian society is heavily based around the ore they extract from the earth. As such I made their buildings look very component based and utility oriented as a series of interlocking cubes, platforms, and scaffoldings.

Cut Content Edit


Subrosia is one of the oldest maps in Hyrule: Total War, originating as a skirmish map in the early version of the game.

Original Description:

The volcanic lands of the xenophobic Subrosians, this land is rich and bountiful in resources despite its harsh living conditions. Many armies will march to death to claim the riches of this wasteland. Subrosia is a very hilly map, with sharp mesas and other means of obtaining high ground. Armies will want to mobilize on the high ground as much as possible and avoid passing in between hills.

The Subrosian underworld was originally located in an isolated region on the map, but was later moved to the main map due to gameplay issues.