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The Subrosians are an planned non-playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The mysterious Subrosians are native to subterranean Holodrum, where they continue to tap into the active lava beds of that region for extraordinarily rare ores and metal alloys. Subrosian mining is so efficient that it even rivals that of the Gorons despite their smaller stature and abilities. Despite the potential wealth the Subrosians could make by trading these metals with their neighbours, the Subrosians remain very secretive and zealously isolated from outside influence. They prefer to remain underground, only coming to the surface if valuable ores have been found higher up.


The Subrosians live in Samasa Desert far to the east, a land surrounded completely by mountains which make it all the more isolated and remote. The desert is bordered by the Rolling Ridge in the east, which inhibits travel to farther lands; the Xolin Spine to the north and northwest, separating it from Holodrum, and the Xebo Spine in the south dividing the desert with the Nuun Highlands.

Physiology Edit

The nature of the Subrosians is shrouded in mystery due to their penchant for veiling themselves under heavy hoods and cloaks-however, from the few parts of their exposed anatomy, it can be gleaned that they are reptilian beings with green skin and large, bioluminescent eyes.