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Tarm is a godlike, enigmatic alien that occupies the Tarm Ruins, and is the mythical deity of the Fairies of Tarm.

Powers and Abilties Edit

Tarm displays an ability to manipulate the laws of physics to the point of being able to create pocket universes, time travel, and even bring the dead back to life. It is capable of generating deadly blasts of pink energy to defend itself.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

After the Wind Tribe departed to the Heavens in 4992 BG, Tarm and its worshipers occupied the city of Tarm, taking on the name for itself. Over time, its influence began to have strange effects on localized spacetime in the region. When Ancient Hylian settlers arrived in Holodrum, they began to worship the being and its Fairy followers as gods, and called themselves Tarminians. Due to Tarm's influence, most Tarminians were later transformed into the Phantoms of Tarm, except for a group who travelled further south and became known as the Horonians.

Manifest Destiny Edit

The Essence was sealed by Veran upon conquering the Ruins of Farm, overthrowing Valanvi and proclaiming herself Queen of the Fairies. Those loyal to the true Queen launched a counterattack, during which the Essence was released by Valanvi. It intervened and swiftly destroyed Veran, ending her conquest.

Hero PowerEdit


Blessing of Tarm: The fatigue of all Fairies on the battlefield is diminished and stamina is restored to maximum effectiveness. Can only by used once per battle.

Stats Edit

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