The Tech Depot is a unit producing structure available to the Labrynna Regime that is required to construct Gunpowder and Mechanized unit.

Tiers Edit

  • Tech Depot: Avalaible to construct in Town-level settlements, the Tech Depot is the base structure required to construct a Gunnery Range or Vehicle Garage. Construction of upgrades requires the appropriate Research at Research and Development.
  • Tech Depot - Gunnery Range: Warehouse and training facility for Gunpowder based units. Becomes available after Gunpowder is researched. Allows training of Gunner and Labrynna Cannon. Requires Large Town-level settlement.
  • Tech Depot - Vehicle Garage: Warehouse and training facility for Mech based units. Becomes available after Hydraulics is researched. Allows training of Mech and Steamtank. Requires Large Town-level settlement.

A Gunnery Range and Vehicle Garage cannot both be constructed in the same settlement.

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