Of Princess and Portents
Hyrule Historia
Mission #28
Shattered Sanctuary

The Blight Awakens is the twenty-eighth Hyrule Historia mission and the second one in the Return of Sulkaris arc. Lord Akazoo has betrayed the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Princess is now captured and under his watch. The Gohma ceaselessly continue their march east into the Kokiri Forest, as war begins once again. Deep in the Lost Woods, the Great Deku Tree tests Saria, his successor as Sage, to discover what has been troubling her as of late. As her heart is revealed the Gohma strike.

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 28 Playthrough

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 28 Playthrough


The Gohma swarm into Malkariko. A sole Hylian surviving soldier sees one of his own kind helping the enemy.

  • Hylian Soldier: What kind of person would help these monsters?!
  • Agitha: The Gohma work in perfect unity.
  • Agitha: Hylians don't.
  • Agitha: Gohma always take care of their own kind.
  • Agitha: Hylians don't.
  • Agitha: Gohma care and nurture children who lose their mothers to war.
  • Agitha: Hylians don't.

From the roof of the city hall, Impa witnesses Agitha talking to Akazoo and Azrily.

  • Agitha: Well where are you off to now, mister?
  • Akazoo: I'm off to find a band of Keatons.

Impa jumps down and starts eavesdropping.

  • Agitha: What's wrong with your face?
  • Akazoo: That is none of your business.
  • Akazoo: I expect the Gohma to allow me passage for my help.
  • Akazoo: Give your Fallen Sage my regards. (leaves with Azrily)
  • Agitha: Sulkaris will free us all.

Agitha leaves the city and returns to Mido.

  • Mido: There are only two Kokiri cities on the way to the Sanctuary.
  • Mido: Saria and the Great Deku Tree will certainly be near one of them.
  • Agitha: Sulkaris only wants the Sage.
  • Mido: I am only helping Sulkaris to teach that oppressive tree a lesson.
  • Mido: His death is the condition of my help!
  • Mido: Without me the Gohma will never find the Sanctuary.

POV switches to Saria and Kasuto inside the Kokiri Forest.

  • Saria: I've never been to this part of the forest before.
  • Great Deku Tree: I have kept all you children away from it for your own good.
  • Saria: Where are we going exactly?
  • Great Deku Tree: A place more ancient than even I. (brings Saria to the destination)
  • Great Deku Tree: It is here.
  • Saria (sees a shimmering portal): What is it?
  • Great Deku Tree: Even I don't know, truthfully.

Saria dismounts and walks towards the portal.

  • Great Deku Tree: Think of it as a test of character.

Saria looks into the portal and sees a faceless figure.

  • Great Deku Tree: Saria, what do you see?

The figure twists into the shape of Link.

  • Saria: Link!

The figure twists further into Link and Saria's past.

  • Saria: I see memories...
  • Saria: Back when everything was good in the past.
  • Saria: The first time I explored the Lost Woods and its majesty...
  • Saria: Before the forest became dull, before the magic of it all faded...
  • Saria: Nothing is like the old days now. What happened to it all? (looks back and sees Link)
  • Saria: I miss those days so much... (starts walking towards 'Link')
  • Great Deku Tree: Saria that is enough, come back.

Saria continues, heedless of the Great Deku Tree's order.

  • Great Deku Tree: Saria, come back!

Saria continues and attempts to embrace 'Link', only to discover him to be an illusion and fall unconscious.

  • Great Deku Tree: You are stricken with a case of nostalgia, my child.
  • Great Deku Tree: There is no stronger force in all of Hyrule, no force more dangerous.
  • Great Deku Tree: You so desperately long for the past and are always hungry for it.
  • Great Deku Tree: Do not let yourself become a victim of this curse.
  • Great Deku Tree: You will be forever starving, nothing satiates that hunger.
  • Great Deku Tree: All things must grow or die.

Kasuto brings Saria to Kanokiri.

  • Great Deku Tree: Strange... why are my children not in the meadows? (discovers a swarm of Gohma fighting the Kokiri)
  • Great Deku Tree: How did I not sense them entering the forest?

POV switches to Mido and Agitha on a Shroud Walker, then back to Kasuto and Saria.

  • Great Deku Tree: The spawn of Iemanis will spread no further! (roars)

POV switches to Mido and Agitha.

  • Mido: He's here!
  • Agitha: Do not forget our objective, Mido.
  • Mido: Saria will be near.


The Gohma overwhelm the Kokiri defenders while Saria and Kasuto desperately attempt to fight them off. Mido reveals himself to Kasuto.

  • Mido: Well hello there, father. Did you miss me?
  • Mido: I've seen the world out there that you shut us out from.
  • Mido: Sulkaris has taught me what it means to have freedom.
  • Great Deku Tree: Yet you are a slave to her will.
  • Mido: Nope.
  • Great Deku Tree: I kept you here for your protection, my son.
  • Great Deku Tree: As any parent would.

An Armogohma incinerates the Great Deku Tree. Saria fires an arrow at Mido's shoulder, but it does not kill him.

  • Great Deku Tree: I am sorry to leave you with this burden, Saria.
  • Great Deku Tree: Your father loves you to no end.

The Great Deku Tree lashes out, killing his assailant and many other Gohma before a squadron of Armogohma finally bring him down.


Mido approaches Saria, who is kneeling in front of Kasuto's burned husk.

  • Mido: Sulkaris will be most pleased, don't you think?