Midna's Legend
Hyrule Historia
Mission #1

The Fallen Sage is the first Hyrule Historia mission set in the Ancient Age. The armies of the Ancient Hylians commanded by King Gustaf lead a last ditch effort to bait Sulkaris and her hordes of Gohma into a trap.

Hyrule Total War - Mission 01 Playthrough-0

Hyrule Total War - Mission 01 Playthrough-0


  • Midna: The dawn of this Legend can be tracked back countless ages.
  • Midna: Many know of the Goddesses and how they breathed life into this world.
  • Midna: When their work was complete, they created the Sages to be safeguards.
  • Midna: One of these Sages, Sulkaris, deemed her part unworthy and attempted to steal the Triforce.
  • Midna: A holy relic of the Goddesses, it was a symbol of their will and manifestation of their power.
  • Midna: Sulkaris was unworthy and cast out of the Sacred Realm for her betrayal.
  • Midna: Exiled to Hyrule, Sulkaris stumbled upon the ancient Gohma. She granted the beasts untold knowledge and power.
  • Midna: In return they gave her an army...
  • Midna: Like a blight Sulkaris spread across Hyrule, defiling all those that followed the Goddesses.
  • Midna: It seemed that the fate of Hyrule was sealed. But not all hope was lost.
  • Midna: Under the command of King Gustaf, the Ancient Hylians rose to oppose Sulkaris.
  • Midna: It was the hope of Gustaf to bait Sulkaris into a chokepoint trap.
  • Midna: There he could counter the overwhelming number advantage the Gohma had. Once lured into the pass, an allied army would approach from behind and trap Sulkaris.
  • Midna: She fell for it. Still, she would not let defeat come so easily.
  • Midna: Gustaf would have to hold his ground and prepare for the fight of his life.


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  • Midna: The Ancient Hylians have defeated the armies of Sulkaris.
  • Midna: Her forces were utterly crushed, despite outnumbering those of Gustaf.
  • Midna: Though this day was to belong to the followers of the Goddesses...
  • Midna: Sulkaris would not grant it so long as she stood.

King Gustaf duels with Sulkaris, until Sulkaris knocks Gustaf's sword out of his hand and prepares to kill him.

  • Midna: It was in that moment the fate of all Hyrule would be decided...

As Sulkaris prepares to kill him, King Gustaf grabs a bow and arrow from a fallen soldier and shoots an arrow imbued with the Goddesses' power, killing Sulkaris.

  • Midna: It was thus that Gustaf, First King of Hyrule defeated Sulkaris.
  • Midna: The very power she desired destroyed her.
  • Midna: The age of the Gohma had ended, it was now time for the Hylians to reign over Hyrule.

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