Midna offer

Midna is crowned Queen of the Twili Empire.

The Realm of Twilight is the third act of Hyrule Historia. It is unkown exactly when this period took place, due to differences in time between the Realm of Twilight and Hyrule.

This era follows the period from the death of Mizorant, to the lead up and conclusion of the Twili civil war between Zant and Midna.

Mission 1- Prison BreakEdit

With Mizorant dead, the Great Fairies place Midna on the Twili throne instead of Zant. Fuelled by jealousy Zant now aims to retake what is rightfully his, so he seeks out the Bonemold Monks and their leader Lady Middee to aid him in his quest.

Mission 2- There Once was a Great FairyEdit

With Middee's support Zant brings his army to Elmenzhia, with the hope of overthrowing the Great Fairy Una and adding her army of Twili Sorceresses to his own, to aid in his quest for the throne.

Mission 3- The Trial of ZantEdit

With Una captured Zant is invited to Uzu by Veran. She and Morsheen summon an ancient evil, to aid them in crushing the Prince's rebellion once and for all.

Mission 4- UsurperEdit

With Veran and her armies swearing loyalty to Zant, he now has everything he needs to launch a direct assault against Midna. With his men transformed into twisted monsters Zant plans to confront Midna personally and punish her for stealing what was rightfully his.

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