The Return of Sulkaris is the fifth act of Hyrule Historia, set 20 years after the events of Gerudo Wars.

Mission 1: Of Princess and Portents Edit

Akazoo has lured an army of Gohma into Malkariko and has unleashed them upon the city. Kill and consume as many civilians as possible and destroy the four Generals holding the city as the mad Akazoo seeks out Princess Zelda and kills the rest of the royal family.

Mission 2: The Blight Awakens Edit

Lord Akazoo has betrayed the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Princess is now captured and under his watch. The Gohma ceaselessly continue their march east into the Kokiri Forest, as war begins once again. Deep in the Lost Woods, the Great Deku Tree tests Saria, his successor as Sage, to discover what has been troubling her as of late. As her heart is revealed the Gohma strike.

Mission 3: Shattered SanctuaryEdit

The Great Deku Tree lays dead. The Kokiri are scattered and in full retreat. The Gohma have captured Saria, and continue their march into the forest towards Palagard's Sanctuary. There they will fight to destroy and eradicate their ancient enemies, the Huskus, and free Sulkaris from her imprisonment.

Mission 4: Consuming AiruEdit

Sulkaris the Fallen Sage walks free, leaving behind her the now extinct Huskus as she marches her forces on Hyrule. With the Zora Dominion disbanded and the Gorons ravaged by a decade long blizzard, only the Kingdom of Hyrule and Lanayru Province hold the power to oppose the Fallen Sage and her Gohma swarms. For her first move, Sulkaris cuts through the Death Mountain Range with her armies and strikes right at the heart of Lanayru Province: the capital city of Airu. With the Zora of Lanayru in disarray, it will give the Gohma the perfect opportunity to surround the Kingdom of Hyrule and strike from all sides.

Mission 5: The Knight in GreenEdit

With Lanayru Province broken and divided, the surviving army races south to the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Gohma are tirelessly in pursuit, and the Kingdom swiftly falls under siege. Just as victory for the Gohma seems within their grasp, a lone knight clad in green marches forth to face them.

Mission 6: Seeds of ConspiracyEdit

The King of Hyrule races off to rescue his daughter after Agitha exposes Akazoo's plan to barter with a band of Keatons. During Akazoo's deal with the Keaton Cartel, King Kazakk, Link, and his knights launch an attack on the meeting only to run face to face with an unexpected army.

Mission 7: A Vision of Ice and FireEdit

Link heads off to return the imprisoned Princess to his master, unaware of the looming threat his own order is about to unleash. Before falling victim to his ignorance, Princess Zelda has a powerful vision of the distant past.... and future.

Mission 8: Day of the ArachnidsEdit

Princess Zelda is on the run, forces under the orders of Hylia in pursuit. With their numbers depleted, the Hylian and Lanayru armies now rest between swarms of Gohma and approaching Wizzrobes from behind. Just when it seems like they are outnumbered and outclassed, the Princess hatches a plan to pit arachnid against arachnid.

Mission 9: To Kill a SageEdit

Zelda's prophecies are beginning to become a reality as Sulkaris has begun an assault on the Greshou Library. The armies of Hyrule and Lanayru must work with the Zora Dominion to contain Sulkaris and her Gohma swarm before the library and its vast collection of history is destroyed.

Mission 10: The Cleansing Edit

Sulkaris has successfully destroyed a First Sage, a feat thought impossible. Just as the dust settles from her Gohma assault, the enigmatic Oocca launch an attack of their own to halt Sulkaris' advance, destroying everything in their path.

Mission 11: Escape from Death MountainEdit

The Oocca have utterly destroyed an entire Zora city, landing armies and cleansing Hyrule as they attempt to exterminate the Gohma and their leader, Sulkaris. Following one of her visions, Princess Zelda races to Death Mountain to warn the Gorons that their civilization will be the next target of the Oocca.

Mission 12: Unholy AllianceEdit

Unconvinced that Sulkaris has been destroyed, the Oocca establish a blockade around Death Mountain, cutting off all inside from Hyrule. Taking advantage of the situation, the Gohma do the unexpected and reach out to form an alliance with the Hylians, Gorons, and Zora.