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The Tokay are an NPC faction in Hyrule: Total War.


Hailing from Crescent Island just south of Labrynna, the Tokay were, at first glance, a tribal and primitive collection of people. Their odd manner of speaking, awkward behavior, and obsession with mundane items such as clothing over rupees gave them a reputation for being backward and outright stupid. Despite their quirky demeanor, the Tokay proved to be more than a pushover tribe of spear-wielding reptile barbarians.

The Tokay Edit

The Tokay were tall, slender, and clunky reptiles covered in bright green and red scales. Despite their lack of gills, Tokay could spend days at a time underwater without the need for air. They were extremely adaptable and keenly aware of everything in their environment, a powerful trait that their bumbling speech betrayed. Tokays as a people put a huge emphasis on clothing rather than wealth to determine status: if you had more clothes, you must be better at bossing other Tokay around.

Membership Edit

  • The Tokay will inquire about joining your empire if you maintain a positive diplomatic relationship with them and hold a successful alliance for more than ten turns.
  • Defeating the Shadow Hag on the northern portion of Crescent Island will result in the Tokay offering to join your empire.

Traits Edit

Faction Type Edit

  • None, really.

Military Focus Edit

  • Extremely Stupid and Gullible


Starting Regions Edit

Rebel Regions Edit

Military RosterEdit


Agent Roster Edit




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