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Hyrule Historia
Mission #8
Royal Retreat

Triumph of the Moblin is the eighth Hyrule Historia mission and the fourth one in the Rise of Ganon arc. Ganon will now lead an all out assault on Hyrule Castle with the combined Moblin, Darknut, and traitorous Sheikah forces. It's Ganon versus King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule in this epic battle for the Triforce and Demise's vengeance.

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 08 Playthrough25:48

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 08 Playthrough


The three Druthulidi masterminds of the Moblin-Darknut-Sheikah alliance meet near Hyrule Castle.

  • Vaati: It has been a long time since I've seen another of our kind.
  • Dethl: I hardly recognised you, possessing that body.
  • Vaati: Even with your host I recognised your stench.
  • Vaati: Still, it was never quite as strong a stench as…
  • Vaati: Me, you, and you. The last Druthulidi brought together in this plot.
  • Vaati: Coincidence? I think not.
  • Demise: My armies march here tomorrow. You two will stay away.
  • Dethl: We are aiding your invasion you fool. Where is your host?
  • Demise: I do not possess. I have honour unlike you two cowards.
  • Dethl: And that is why you have always been the joke among us.
  • Demise: You'll be the joke of our kind when I finish with you.
  • Dethl: I have drowned many worlds in their own nightmares.
  • Dethl: Your pitiful attempts to dominate exceed your grasp.
  • Dethl: So don't you dare threaten me child when I offer you my aid and wisdom.
  • Demise: I would never involve you two in my plans.
  • Vaati: Neither of them could have pulled off getting all of us involved.
  • Vaati: Unless there's another one of us involved…

Meanwhile, Ogalon is reading Ganon's book when she hears attack orders.

  • Ganon: All soldiers, siege formation!
  • Ganon: Bring the Towers forth!


Team 1 Team 2
Kingdom of Hyrule
Darknut Legion
Kingdom of Hyrule
The Sheikah Cadre
Kingdom of Hyrule


Ganon enters King Nohansen's throne room.

  • King Nohansen: So this is the beast terrorising my Kingdom.
  • King Nohansen: The beast who kidnapped my daughter and seeks to play with power like a toy.
  • Ganon: It is over Hylian King. The Triforce now belongs to the Moblins.
  • King Nohansen: Property of the Moblins? You are all just a buunch of animals!
  • King Nohansen: Look at your people. What have they to offer the world?
  • King Nohansen: You spread your filth and misery to us enlightened and civilised.
  • King Nohansen: You rape the resources of the land dry and leave the rest of us to starve.
  • King Nohansen: You and your lot are nothing but beasts and savages, taught to talk by a false and fallen god.
  • Ganon: That will change.
  • King Nohansen: Will it change? What will you do with the Triforce in hand?
  • King Nohansen: Destroy my people no doubt, and then conquer the world.
  • King Nohansen: And then what? You'll sit on your throne of decay as the world dies around you.
  • King Nohansen: Your evil wish will undo itself, as all evil does.
  • King Nohansen: A poorly thought out wish of yours, just like the animals you are.
  • King Nohansen: This is your wish is it not? Even a child could have guessed your simple motivations foul pig!
  • Ganon (charges forward, violently sweeping King Nohansen away): Your actions speak louder than your words.
  • Bongo (enters the room and speaks to the dying King): Which Temple did you place it in?
  • King Nohansen: I'll not speak to you, traitor of the crown.
  • Bongo: You will speak the truth to me.
  • Ganon (overturns the throne but can't find the Triforce): You lied! It’s not here!!!
  • Bongo: Give the King here a little more credit. He moved the Triforce the moment you captured Zelda.
  • Ganon: Where is it?!!!!
  • Bongo: Thankfully I got it out of him before your damage killed him. It’s at Spectacle Rock.
  • Ganon: Then I shall make Death Mountain my fortress! We march tonight!


  • Midna: The mighty bastion of civilisation, Hyrule Castle, has fallen for the first time in history.
  • Midna: Though a triumph for the Moblin people, Ganon had failed in his quest.
  • Midna: Ganon would march upon Death Mountain and secure the Fire Temple with swift fury.
  • Midna: But as Ganon would work to unlock the Triforce from its cradle, the Hylians would strike back with a wrath so terrible it would shake the world for generations to come…

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