Non-standard natural resources and materials found on the world of Hyrule, and beyond.

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Hyrule Edit


A Sapphire Crystal Core under Domain Prime.

Sapphire Crystal Edit

Large blue crystalline deposits capable of storing and transmitting the Zora's electrical energy, these stones are commonly utilized in Zora Siege weaponry and as primitive generators in Dominion settlements.


Sulkaris trapped in a Virid Crystal deposit.

Virid Crystals Edit

Large artificial deposits of Emerald Crystals created by the Sage of Forests.

Subrosian Ore Edit


A sword forged from Subrosian Ore.

A highly valued, resilient metal similar in composition to iron or steel found in the Subrosian Underworld.

an Ulu made of Quozar.

Qozar Edit

Ice that does not melt, found in the norther wastes of the Great Sea and old Cobble Kingdom. Commonly used by the Anouki to craft weaponry and armor.

Kholdice Edit

Unnatural, chilling ice originating from the Anouki god Kholdstare, similar in composition to Quozar but able to deliver a bone-numbing cold to a victim.

Realm of Twilight Edit

Bonemold Edit


A Bonemold staff.

A remarkably strong substance grown and cultivated into structures or objects by the Twili. Can be crafted into armor and weapons.