This article refers to the Minish that was possessed by the Druthulidi who assumed his name.





The Sorcerer






Vaati (possessor)


Picorou Ruins, Kokiri Forest


101 AG
Ontheon, Gerudo Cliffs


Wind Magic (temporary)

Music Themes

Vaati is a Minish sorcerer possessed by a Druthulidi, who assumes his name.


Millennia of being possessed by a Druthulidi has drastically changed Vaati to the point he no longer resembles a Minish at all. He was enlarged to the size of a Hylian, with deathly pale skin, white hair and unnatural red eyes.

He wears a purple tunic and black cloak with gold trim, as well as armoured boots, shoulder pads and gauntlets. Attached to a long purple hat is the Minish Crown, a holy Picori relic that he stole before moving on to conquer Hyrule.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Vaati is capable of performing select magical feats, such as petrification (something of a signature skill). He stole Yaraxonal's control over the wind when he imprisoned her below Ontheon, and is capable of flight and expelling gusts of air to repel attackers.


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This section contains plot details.

Ancient AgeEdit

Around 5000 BG, Vaati was the first person encountered by an ancient Druthulidi, one of the few Druthulidi survivors of the war between them and the Golden Goddesses countless years ago, when it woke up from its slumber. The Druthulidi immediately and unsuspectingly entered his body, slowly overtook his mind, enlarged him to the size of an adult Hylian and assumed his identity. Vaati was completely unaware of the possession, believing that all of his actions are his own.

For countless years the Druthulidi Vaati, in the guise of his host, serves as the de facto ruler of the Darknut Legion, behind their puppet King Zalunbar. Nobody ever discovers his true nature, except for the Sage Yaraxonal, who was quickly imprisoned and sealed beneath the Cathedral of Ontheon by Vaati, Zalunbar and Senturon before she could do anything. He distributed her Sage powers between himself and Senturon, granting the Black Knight immortality whilst securing the title of Sage of Winds for himself.

Gerudo WarsEdit

In 101 AG, Yaraxonal is freed from her seal by the Gerudo traitor Nabooru and her husband Senturon. With the help of Darunia, she kills Vaati's Minish host, forcing the Druthulidi Vaati to transfigure into its true, monstrous form.

Minish Crown

The Minish Crown.

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