Order of the Wizzrobe


Western Vigjaro Glade




Strict Goddess Worship (80%)
Goddess Acknowledgement (20%)


Medium - High



Vigjaro is a historically hylian town, located to the northwest of Hyrule Prime, within the Vigjaro Valley. It serves as the capital of the Order of the Wizzrobe.


The name Vigjaro is derived from the Ancient Hylian Words vigas (shaded, in the shadow of) and jaro (pass, road, trail).


Established as an outpost between Hyrule Prime and Snowpeak during the rise of the Ancient Hylians, Vigjaro is one of the oldest cities in the Kingdom. Despite its age Vigjaro has grown little. One of the city's most notable features is the large cathedral built by the Wizzrobes. It has long served as a place of worship and a recruiting centre for Wizzrobe acolytes.


Vigjaro is completely surrounded by a moat, making it impervious to all ladders and attacks against the walls themselves. The only way into the city is the north and south gates, forcing invaders to funnel in from those areas. Once in the city the attacking army will have to make its way to the Cathedral in the northwest and enter it to take over the city.

Freeform Campaign Edit

Vigjaro begins the Campaign as a Large Town-level settlement, and is home of the Vigjaro Cathedral, the Order of the Wizzrobe's Seat of Power. The settlement is protected by a wooden wall. The Wizzrobes begin with a church (fort) established nearby the settlement.

Vigjaro plays an important role for the Wizzrobes in the Freeform Campaign. As long as they control it, they can create a virtually unlimited amount of Acolytes, and an Arcane College built in Vigjaro can be upgraded to train all Wizzrobe units, as opposed to other settlements where each Arcane College must be dedicated to one single unit.

Creator's NotesEdit

I wanted to have a city where the plaza was indoors, so the interior of the cathedral here was the logical place. I also wanted to try and capture the look and layout of Vigjaro from my old games, though anyone who played Fallen Sage will notice the roofs are no longer red and I instead opted to make them blue to keep with the current Hylian style.


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