Vigjaro Cathedral is a unique structure located in Vigjaro that serves as the main base of the Order of the Wizzrobe.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit


Hylia's Sanctum under the Vigjaro Cathedral.

Vigjaro Cathedral evidently was constructed during the reign of King Gustaf, as it is the location of his funeral as well as the magical ascension and subsequent crowning of his successor Hylia. Following her fall from Grace, Hylia secludes herself in a secret magical sanctum under the Cathedral, and the Order of the Wizzrobe take up position as its clergy and staff.

The Gerudo Wars Edit

After the fall of Hyrule Prime, Vigjaro becomes the de facto capital of the Kingdom of Hyrule, and its Cathedral is flooded with refugees from many conquered Hylian settlements as well as surviving Zora from Domain Prime seeking the charity of the Order.

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

With the Queen and Princess believed dead, and the Kingdom of Hyrule thrown into chaos, King Kazaak gathers the forces of Hyrule at Vigjaro, establishing it it as the emergency capital once again. Little over a week after the attack on Malkariko, with refugees from a recently attacked Lanayru Province streaming in, the city is attacked by the Gohma. As the hylian garrison is quickly overwhelmed and begins to rout, Hylia commands Nostrum to mobilize her Wizzrobe army, in stasis under the Cathedral, under the command of Link and Lana. Taking command of the battered Hylian forces, the Order's soldiers storm out into the city and are able to hold it, driving away the Gohma and capturing Sulkaris' minion Agitha. She is subsequently interrogated by Kazaak in the Cathedral's main hall.

Abilities Edit

Vigjaro Cathedral functions much like any other Seat of Power, but has several unique traits when controlled by the


An armory in Vigjaro Cathedral's underhalls.

Order of the Wizzrobe.

Gameplay Edit

Vigjaro Cathedral appears as a building in the Order of the Wizzrobe capital (or alternatively, Kingdom of Hyrule settlement) of Vigjaro and serves as the faction's Seat of Power.

It also appears as the capture zone for its custom settlement's battle map.

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