Western Vigjaro Glade


Hylian Rebels


Eastern Vigjaro Glade



Strict Goddess Worship (50%), Cult of Hylia (50%)




Furs (1)

Vigjaro Glade is an abandoned Hylian manor used as a hideout by the Keaton Cartel, a rough climb East of the Hylian city of Vigjaro.

History Edit

Vigjaro Glade was originally a rural Hylian estate built in the forested foothills of Death Mountain. It was abandoned at some point prior to the Return of Sulkaris, and became one of the sites in which the Keaton Cartel conducted its illicit trade.

Layout Edit

Vigjaro Glade is a very small map, consisting of the Hylian Manor and its surrounding estate. The Manor and capture point are surrounded by a large lawn hedged by a tall brick wall, as well as an exterior lawn surrounded by a shorter brick wall. The northern half of the battlefield is cut across by a creek that ends in a small ornamental lake by the Manor house.