Vitreous is a very ancient Gohma that dwells deep under Hive Node Vitreous in the Misery Mire.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Vitreous appears as a gigantic green eyeball, from which ten smaller eyeballs are attached. It is constantly leaking foul, acidic slime and hums with an electric current.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vitreous is able to electrocute its prey with jolts of lightning, and then dissolve the fallen corpses with the acidic ooze that always leaks from its unblinking eyes.




Vitreous' in-game model

Vitreous was one of the original Gohma spawned by their progenitor Iemanis during the Druthulidi conflicts in Hyrule's infancy. After the death of Iemanis, Vitreous wandered the world aimlessly for many ages, with no real goal or intent.

Ancient AgeEdit

Vitreous was one of the few Gohma who was not bent to the Fallen Sage Sulkaris' will after she discovered them in 5000 BG. It eventually settled in Hive Node Vitreous under the Misery Mire, near where its corrupted cousins dwell. The Gohma of Sulkaris have a residual fear of Vitreous, from before the time when Sulkaris enslaved them.