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The Volvagians are a planned playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


Ancient Age Edit

The Volvagians were among the last surviving Dragons on Hyrule, a race of reptilian beings that live within and breathe fire.

The Volvagians' homeland is the Death Mountain Range, where they constantly warred with the Gorons, Lizalfos, and Dodongos for power. When the Sage of Fire Maphaeus named Dakkon her successor, he promptly used his new Sage powers to win over the Lizalfos as servants, kill the Goron king Dalagra and enslave his people, and dominate the Dodongos as subservient beasts of burden. The Lizalfos and their kin enjoy a relatively privileged position as the Volvagians' enforcers and taskmasters, keeping a lash over their Goron slaves.

For five millennia Dakkon rules over his empire, crushing all rebellions from the Gorons, including a particularly large one in the first century before Ganon that resulted in the flight of the Lizalfos from Death Mountain.

Rise of Ganon Edit

In 0 AG the Moblin king Ganon invades the Death Mountain Empire, defeats an army of Goron slaves and approaches Dakkon, who is enraged at how the Moblins invaded his empire and killed his slaves. When Ganon reveals that he has had his men rig then entire Temple with explosives and asks Dakkon why the prideful creature tolerates being a lackey to the Kingdom of Hyrule, Dakkon decides to side with the Blins. When the Goron slaves rise in rebellion over Dakkon's decision, their leader Darunia is fatally bitten by Dakkon, forcing them to retreat to the rebel capital of Gor Goronon.

When the Hylians pursue Ganon to Death Mountain, they ally with the Gorons, promising their freedom from the Volvagian yoke. The allied Hylian-Goron forces then attack Death Mountain Crater, killing Ganon and crippling Dakkon beyond recovery. The Gorons replace the Volvagians as the dominant power over Death Mountain and begin a genocide over their former overlords, who are forced to flee their homeland and seek refuge all over Hyrule.

First Golden AgeEdit

In the aftermath of Dakkon's fall from power, many Volvagians seek out Vyorsoth, the oldest Volvagian female, who was asleep during the fall of their Empire, to replace him as their leader.







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