Walls are the primary defensive structure of a settlement or fortification, hindering the progress of an enemy army unless it manages to either climb to destroy the walls and gate with Siege Weaponry. Upgrading a settlement's walls is vital to both defending it as well as allowing for increased settlement size.

Tiny Walls: Tiny Walls provide only basic protection from bandits and wild animals, but are no match for even average sized armies. Tiny walls are vulnerable to destruction by Siege Weaponry.

Small Walls: Small Walls provide a modest amount of protection for small towns, though they will not be able to hold off most professional armies. Small walls are vulnerable to destruction by Siege Weaponry.

Medium Walls: Medium Walls offer good protection to cities and castles and can hold off many invading forces unless they are properly prepared.


Large Walls: Large Walls are all but impenetrable to everything except well prepared armies with dedicated siege equipment. Large Walls are only available to the Kingdom of Hyrule, Gerudo, Gorons, Zora, Darknut Legion, Labrynna Regime, and Kingdom of Ikana.


Huge Walls: Huge Walls are virtually indestructible. Large batteries of dedicated siege equipment and consistent fire is necessary to even put cracks into such walls. Huge Walls are only available to the Gorons and Darknut Legion.