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Mission #2
Torn Asunder
Windbreaker is the second Hyrule Historia mission, set in 4992 BG in the Ancient Age. The Darknut Legion has begun a bloody war against the mysterious Wind Tribe. Queen Siroc of the Wind Tribe comes to the Kingdom of Hyrule in hopes to plead for help. Accepting her plight, King Gustaf leads the Hylian Army to secure and escort the last of the Wind Tribe so that they may ascend to the sky and escape the Legion's army.
Hyrule Total War - Mission 02 Playthrough

Hyrule Total War - Mission 02 Playthrough


  • Midna: With the death of Sulkaris and the Gohma disbanded, the Kingdom of Hyrule was established.
  • Midna: This new empire crossed the land and made many allies in its time such as the Zora and the mysterious Wind Tribe.
  • Midna: While many of these nations remain autonomous, the Wind Tribe became close to the Hylians after King Gustaf’s rise to power.
  • Midna: Not all of those in Hyrule unified with the Kingdom and its allies however...
  • Midna: To the west across the Gerudo Desert a lurking power grew in number.
  • Midna: They called themselves the Cliff Lords, but were otherwise known as the Darknut Legion.
  • Midna: For reasons unknown at the time, the Legion was suddenly mobilised and began a crusade towards the far east of Hyrule.
  • Midna: Their army was superior in armour and skill to any force in all of Hyrule and marched without falter.
  • Midna: They marched past the Hylian and Zora nations and instead invaded the mystical lands of the Wind Tribe known as Holodrum.
  • Midna: A bloody war between the Darknut Legion and the Wind Tribe broke out, and the hidden cities in Holodrum were left in ruins.
  • Midna: Her people on the edge of extinction, Queen Siroc came before King Gustaf to plead for aid from the Hylian army.

In the throne room of King Gustaf.

  • Siroc (kneels before Gustaf's throne): King Gustaf, I beg of you to aid me and my people.
  • Siroc: My people must ascend to the Heavens to escape the might of the Darknut Legion.
  • Siroc: They seek the power that the Wind Tribe harbours and if they were to obtain that...
  • Gustaf: You need not say anything more my dear Siroc.
  • Gustaf: The Hylians will aid the Wind Tribe. I will personally lead my army into battle for you.

At the Tarm Ruins, the last city of the Wind Tribe.

  • Siroc: The city is just up ahead. All forces prepare for contact with Darknut forces!
  • Siroc: The Darknuts will likely have the city roads surrounded, be prepared for flanking attacks!


Team 1 Team 2
Darknut Legion


The Hylians defeat the Darknuts, allowing the Wind Tribe to escape.

  • Siroc: Thank you Gustaf for your help, you have saved my people.
  • Siroc: It pains me that this is the only way to assure those of Hyrule do not * steal and abuse our power.
  • Siroc: If it were to fall into the hands of those like the Cliff Lords or even your people, then a dark age would be certain to follow in time.
  • Siroc: I will miss you dearly. (enters the portal and disappears)
  • Black Knight (appears with Vaati): You just let the Wind Tribe's power leave this land forever.
  • Black Knight: How could you let such a thing go?! We of the Legion were promised this secret!
  • Vaati: Calm yourself. You have played yout part.
  • Vaati: There is nothing that can be done now.
  • Vaati: I am Vaati, and I had come for the Wind Tribe.
  • Vaati: I orchestrated the Cliff Lords to take the Wind Tribe’s power, but your armies came and halted us.
  • Vaati: Heed my words Hylian King, I will remember that you opposed me this day. (turns back)
  • Vaati: Come, let us leave this place.
  • Black Knight: No, we are done with you Vaati.
  • Black Knight: You have lead my people astray. We are halfway across the world for nothing! You had imprisoned my wife for nothing! (draws sword)
  • Black Knight: I’ll not lead my people into your games anymore. I am done with you sorcerer. Begone!

Vaati brutally murders the Black Knight, then walks away.

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