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The Zuna are an NPC faction in Hyrule: Total War.

Description Edit

Perhaps one of the oldest races native to the Gerudo Desert, the Zuna are an isolated culture of reptilian builders and weapon crafters. Though they seem fairly cordial with the Darknut Legion, the Zuna will rarely make contact with any other empire or race outside of weapon dealings. The skill with which the Zuna make their weapons is legendary, so legendary that the Darknut Legion employs them to create incredibly ornate swords for their soldiers. Despite their famous profession, the Zuna rarely ever engage in warfare and their public army usually only operates out of defense.

Language Edit

The Zuna speak and write in the Zuna language.

Territory Edit

Starting Regions Edit

Historical Regions Edit


Playstyle Edit

Finely crafted weaponry and vast wealth in gold.

Army Focus Edit

Small standing army.

Strengths, Weaknesses and AbilitiesEdit

  • Master Weapon-smiths: The Zuna craft the finest weapons in all of Hyrule. As such they are outfitted with better weapons than most empires at an earlier period of time.
  • Monumental Builders: The Zuna are also well known for their stoic pyramids that dot the western Gerudo Desert. They are able to build structures much quicker than any empire in the campaign.

Campaign InfoEdit



Siege WeaponryEdit

Command UnitsEdit


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