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Zunayus is the capital of the Zuna. It is located in the Gerudo Desert, west of Hyrule, between the lands of the Gerudo and the Darknut Legion.

Etymology Edit

Zunayus' name is derived from the Zuna term for "House of Zuna."


The massive pyramid of Zunayus was built by the Zuna some time in the distant past and is one of the most ancient settlements in Hyrule. While the pyramid itself has been constantly renovated every century and virtually none of the original structure is left, it looks exactly the same as it did thousands of years ago. The city is almost always bustling with activity: merchants of all kinds can be found along the ascents of the pyramid, particularly the infamous weapon crafters. The series of oasis' outside the pyramid make it an idea place in the Gerudo Desert to live as well. The city also has the myth attached to it that it is impenetrable and no enemy force has ever managed to breach the gates before being decimated by hundreds of Zuna Crossbowmen.


The city is completely immune to ladder attacks and can only be entered by the front gate. Upon entry invading forces must climb the road to the center of the pyramid's highest peak to take the plaza. Invaders will have to deal with countless archers perched on numerous balconies and ramparts as they ascend the Pyramid, making Zunayus one of the toughest if not the toughest and most grueling settlements to take by force.

Creator's NotesEdit

I attempted to make something with a lot of balconies and positions for archers to take position on. I was always disappointed in M2 when you'd see these lovely castles with lots of positions for archers to set up shop but they were off limits and only walls could be used. This probably will be one of if not the most defensible settlements in the game. This also was probably the most fun I had making a settlement thus far.


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